Cleaning your Property

Grey Dove vet and security check all cleaning teams that are used in our properties. With our Internal Senior Housekeeping Team training all teams to ensure your property is left at the highest of standards. Each team comes with their own equipment and supplies so there is no requirement for owners to pay for cleaning supplies for the housekeeping team.

We provide within the property cleaning supplies and these are topped up at every clean for guests to use. Providing cleaning supplies in the kitchen and bathrooms allowing the guests to keep the property clean throughout their stay. We ensure that at every clean the property has been thoroughly santised using fogging equipment and anti-bacterial cleaning products to ensure guest and staff safety.

All members of staff wear appropriate PPE whilst cleaning your property as well as santising their hands before cleaning begins. All properties are fogged before cleaning and after cleaning during COVID to ensure that our teams and guests remain safe throughout this pandemic.

How do we clean your property?

Before any clean laundry is brought into the property any used linen and towels are bagged, sealed and removed from the property. In every room extra focus on all high touch areas such as:

  • Light Switches
  • Remote Controls
  • Door Handles
  • Handrails & Banisters

These areas are a few examploe of 'high touch areas' that are deep cleaned to ensure they are sanitised for guests use. Our cleaning teams always dispose of or wash cleaning supplies after each clean as well as ensure all plates, cutlery, cooking equipment both out and in drawers are clean and ready for guest use.

We provide a number of basic consumables for guests at each booking. Any consumables that are not used by the previous guests are disposed of and replaced with new ones for hygiene purposes. This excluses individually packaged tea, coffeee, sugar or any sealed 'unopened' packaging that are left for the following guests use.

The last part of a clean is ensuring that the keys are present in the key safe and that the numbers have been scrambled to ensure the safety of the property before the next guests arrival. We always recommend getting a housekeeping set of keys made incase keys are accidentally taken away. In the event that the previous guests accidentally did not return the house keys we will make contact and get them returned to the property.

Security & Damage

To ensure the security of the property we always recommend a secure keysafe box that can be added to the outside of the property for guests to access the keys upon arrival of the house. Guests only receive the keysafe 48 hours prior to arrival. Ensuring your property can be locked from the front and back and all major windows are lockable is highly recommended to ensure your properties security.

Damage can occur unfortunately and all damages to the property are photographed and acted upon immediately. If the damage has been caused by guests we will deduct money from a pre-designated amount from a security deposit to cover the owner against damages to the property. Wear and tear is something that does happen over time and our cleaning teams will always work to keep properties immaculate and looking at their best. We will always be honest with owners when we think something is past its best and it would be beneficial for guest satisfaction or property functionality to replace items within your holiday let.

Things do go wrong from time to time, we have our own team of tradesman and maintenance staff who can react and repair where necessary to avoid excess replacement costs.